Spotify technology is an entertainment company which came into existence on October 7, 2008.

Spotify is a music streaming service provider and it is available in 65 regions of the world. it is restricted some of the places of this globe due to some limitation.

Spotify has its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.  It has some exciting basic features including DRM protected content from media companies.

Spotify premium free APK

Spotify’s freemium services come with advertisements and some limitations. You can get paid subscriptions for more music downloads and improved streaming quality.

Access, limitations and Subscribers

It is available in Europe regions including America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and it also covers some regions of Asia.  It is available for almost every device including Windows phone, Android and iOS devices. Spotify Premium Free APK 2019 is one of the best apk which is available in the market.

It could also be downloaded on Linux computers.

Not only limited to these devices, it can be played on PlayStation and Xbox One.

More than 35 million songs you can listen on Spotify. The current user count is almost 170 million active users per month including 75 million users who are paid, subscribers.

Spotify technology as a Corporation

Spotify pays the royalties which are based on the number of artists’ streamed. It distributes more than 60% of its total revenue to the right holders.

Some of the artists like Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke criticised Spotify that it is not fair in providing compensation to artists which have been looked after in the new license deal happened in April 2017.

Features of Spotify music app

  • A user can create its own library
  • Shuffle the songs
  • Spotify enables its listeners to enjoy radio as well
  • A user can view lyrics
  • Podcasts videos are available
  • You can view history if you forget the lyrics of last songs you listened.
  • It has a play queue which enables to arrange what should play next.
  • Based on the songs and artists you love, it can line up the tracks which will be ready to enjoy on the single touch.

Download APK file of Spotify

With the help of a new Spotify Premium free APK file, 2019, you can almost enjoy anything that is restricted officially on Spotify. This premium version of Spotify for Android users has come with some more exciting features.

Features Of Spotify Premium APK 8.4 version

As mentioned earlier, there are several features available in Spotify music but by downloading the new Android version of Spotify Premium free APK file, you will enjoy the new features as well. All of these features are absolutely free. Some of them are,

  • User-friendly
  • No advertisements.
  • Unlimited downloading.
  • Unlocks shuffle, seeking, repeating.

How to install Spotify Premium APK for Android?

You can search for this premium version on google and follow the steps guided there. You will find the download link. Press the button then downloading will be started.

  • It will ask for some permissions.
  • Grant the permissions
  • Then you will be asked to make an account on Spotify to enjoy all the features.