We all music lovers want to have an easy access to the world of music. There are many options which enable us to get somewhat we want for music excitement but there are few options which provide us with the features beyond our imaginations and expectations.

One of them is the Spotify premium app. Spotify is a music app and it has all the features which are necessary to enjoy music.

Spotify premium free download

Spotify premium app is a paid subscription which comes with all the exciting features which the user wants. Spotify app has also another free subscription which has no charges but comes with restricted features.

If you wish to listen and enjoy an amazing music, you can download Spotify app and make an account on it absolutely free of cost.

Spotify premium free download is everything you need for your music need.

Spotify Premium  features

  • You can find great music including a variety of artists and songs
  • You can have live streaming, online music, novels, poetry, videos, podcasts and songs.
  • You can synchronize as many devices with Spotify account so that you can enjoy music on your laptop, computer, tablet device etc.
  • This new Spotify premium app is supportable to almost all mobile versions including Android devices, Windows, Mac, Linux, windows phones and iOS devices.
  • It has a User-friendly interface. Just search your favourite music and tab to play.
  • You can download music if in case you will not be online in your free time so you can enjoy the downloaded music.
  • Music and sound quality is best
  • Live streaming quality is good for even mobile devices.
  • No interruption of unwanted ads
  • You can uninstall the app when you want.
  • Very minimum charges for 1st three months which is almost equal to no charge.
  • You can create your own playlist
  • Shuffle option is there. You can shuffle your playlist as many times as you wish.
  • Enjoy the music when and where you want.
  • The new and improved version of Spotify premium offers unlimited storage.


Device requirement for Spotify Premium download

  • Ram should be 1GB or more
  • Android version should minimum be 4.0 or more
  • There must be some space remaining after downloading the app so that it can work smoothly.
  • Uninstall the app if it’s not working properly and download it again.

Steps to follow for downloading

  • The steps are not difficult once you get the right link.
  • Please try to get an authentic link so that you can have your device safe and secure
  • To evaluate the link, you must see the reviews shared with experienced people who have used the link.
  • Once you get the right link, you can find the complete tutorial which has a step-by-step process.
  • Follow the steps to get the downloading done.

Spotify Premium charges

Spotify premium is not expensive at all if you look into its features. There is no limitation or contract to stick on the app by paying a huge amount. If you wish to cancel the subscription you can whenever you want.

During 1st three months the charges of Spotify premium is $0.99 and after that, the charges per month will be $9.99.