For the music lovers who have a variety of different tastes, Spotify app is the best option for them. There are many similar apps available that function in the same way as Spotify does but it has some unique features which stand it apart.

Spotify Premium Apk not just offers various features to its listeners but also pays royalties to the artists registered with Spotify. These royalties being given on the basis of each song’s streaming as how many times the song has streamed?

Spotify Premium Android

Downloading and enjoy the basic features of Spotify is absolutely free. Other similar sources like Spotify do not pay royalties on the basis of a number of songs streamed.

They only pay a fixed amount to the artists whether the songs are hit beyond the expectations or flop with all the numbers down. The Spotify has two types of subscriptions, one is freemium which comes with all basic features and restricted to have advanced features, second is premium services which are paid but comes with no restrictions.


Spotify Premium for Android

The first step is to create an account on the Spotify app. For signing up you need to download Spotify premium android app for your Android phone and Android devices. Similarly, signing up and installation of Spotify premium app is absolutely free.

You will gain an access to your favourite music which also can be enjoyed online. If you wish to get some more exciting features so premium services are there in which you will find the better quality of streaming. You will need to pay some amount to get the premium services and have to buy this premium one.

Features of Spotify premium app 2019

  • Spotify Premium account holders will not see the interruption of any kind of advertisement either an audio ad or a video advertisement. It will not show any kind of pop-up message. Maximum type of advertisements will take only 20 seconds which cannot be skipped.
  • You can enjoy your favourite music even if are not online by downloading the songs you’re your Spotify premium app. There is no restriction on the downloading songs, you can download as many as you can provide your android phone’s memory has that capacity.
  • Due to any reason, if your downloading will take a pause or got interrupted, you can always resume it. it happens when your internet connection gets slow down. However, repeatedly have the same issue could get the excitement down!
  • Many of the minor issues have been sorted out in the new upgraded version of Spotify premium
  • An audio quality has been enhanced and upgraded
  • User-interface has also been improved.
  • The new Spotify premium Android app has been improved by overall scenario.
  • You are provided with an unlimited storage option for unlimited downloading of songs.
  • A user can connect many devices simultaneously with a Spotify account making it able to synchronize. So in case you are not able to have your phone with you, can be connected with your tablet device or with a laptop. This feature is new.