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Spotify Premium APK 8.4 Free Download-100% Workingm(2019)

Do you love music? If yes then you must know about Spotify.

Spotify is the app or service for podcast, music and video streaming and it was officially introduced in the year 2008.

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify is one of the most desirable and best music streaming app available for the tablet, iOS, PC, and Android. Spotify official app is eventually free app but the premium is required to avail extra features.

It is a digital music streaming service which offers easy access to millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from all the artists all over the globe.

Spotify Premium Apk enables users to listen to music no matter where they are or from. In short, Spotify provides you access to the entire music world through a tablet, android, pc, and iOS. Users can listen to albums and artists as well as they can create own playlist of their favorite songs.

Do you want to discover new music from anywhere in the world?

Spotify is the only but best option allow you to select a ready-made playlist which fits your mood or even can get personalized recommendations. This app is immediate attractive since users can access content simply by connecting with Facebook or by signing up with an email address.

Spotify Premium Apk

It is very easy to give it a try or test, you will not be needed to make any commitment and simply get started. It is better to try once before taking on a monthly subscription for Spotify Premium. It is fact that Spotify free and Spotify music premium, both contain various main differences such as many useful features. However, the free version Spotify supported many ads same like radio stations.

The free Spotify version can be accessed on laptop, PC and mobile phone, although the full service requires a Spotify Premium subscription. Due to the fact, official Spotify app is restricted in several countries due to some reasons, therefore Spotify cracked app is used in great numbers to listen to to the entire music world.

How does Spotify Premium apk work?

It is easier to start listening to music on Spotify.

  1. Simply check out the Spotify website and sign-up, it is although recommend that if you have a Facebook account then do sign up via facebook. In this way, it is much easier to follow and find friends, as well as you can look at what are they listening to and even can share favourite songs.
  2. You can install and download free Spotify application; there are versions for PC, Android, and iPhone/iPad.
  3. You should choose the subscription level, it is also recommended going for Spotify Premium as it offers many latest features and it is flexible enough to connect with more devices.
  4. To get listening to your favourite songs you need to first log in to your account on your device.

What is Spotify premium apk?

As mentioned above, the official Spotify app is restricted in some regions, therefore, Spotify cracked apk app is used, as it actually removes all restrictions and provides various features.

Other than that the Spotify Premium apk 2018 is basically an online music app which provides complete access to millions of different podcast, music, and videos. With this online apkSpotify, you will have complete access to the entire music world and you can access all tracks and music.

Spotify Premium Apk Free Download

As official Spotify is all free but to avail extra features one need to subscribe Spotify premium version. There are millions of people who do not want to spend on a music app subscription, so all those should download the Spotify premium free apk.

In short Spotify premium free download enable you to do almost everything which is eventually restricted in the official Spotify app. Moreover, the best thing about apk Spotify is that it is available for all devices like desktop, iPad, iPod, Android, and iOS.

With the Spotify premium apk users can create their own playlists and can share it with their friends, not only this but users will be able to access different artist’s songs and albums.

Why is Spotify premium apk much popular?

There are numerous features available in Spotify premium apk. Additionally, users can enjoy each and every premium features of the official Spotify app for free. A number of features that offers you a better user experience while listening to music.

Here are the following features which you will get in the Spotify premium app.


  • User-Friendly Interface


Spotify Premium Apk offers latest and user-friendly interface. The developers of apps always work hard to make their product best possible so that all users around the world love to use it.

In addition, what makes this app stand out, is a number of shortcuts added to improve user’s music experience.

  • Ad restriction

However, the official Spotify Premium Mod apk is ad-supported which irritate users but with premium,apk users will not need to watch video or audio ad during music or tracks. In the premium versions, ads are completely blocked to offer non-disturbing entertainment whenever users listen to their favourite track or music.

  • Unlimited Downloads

Most of the Wi-fi users face the problem of no data connection outside of their home, therefore the Spotify premium apk comes with a solution. By using the Spotify premium Apk users can download unlimited tracks or music to their device and listen to them at their leisure.

  • Better quality

Free Spotify version will not let you play the track in HD quality, but after getting premium upgrade users are allowed to play all tracks or music in HD quality. In this Spotify premium apk users are allowed either to listen to their favourite tracks in 256 Kbps or 320 Kbps quality.

  • Unlock Spotify connect

It is utterly irritated to receive a call while listening to favourite songs, isn’t friends? But not more now because Spotify premium apk offers a solution to this. For this, users just need to connect their mobile phones with a laptop and then they are all set to go.

  • Unlocks Shuffling, Seeking, Repeating

The Spotify premium apk offers a great feature and actually unlocks seeking, unlock shuffling and unlocks the repeating. Now users can easily shuffle their songs, repeat their songs and much more.

  • Playlist Custom feature

I have a big list of songs; do you also have the same and want all in one place? Now you can do all this using Spotify premium app.

This version enables users to create many possible playlists as well as they can add unlimited songs in a single playlist.

What do you need to install Spotify premium apk?

What do you need to install Spotify premium apk

  • You do not need to root your device
  • Always pay attention to required android version
  • Usually, for premium apk app, minimum 1 GB RAM is required
  • You should have minimum 8 GB internal storage to install this app
  • As well as some free space is needed for the smooth working of the app

What is Spotify mod apk?

Most of the Spotify users recommend Spotify mod apk download due to various good reasons. This Spotify premium apk cracked enable you access for the Spotify Music Premium offline account for whole life. Additionally, it is the safest Spotify app allow you to listen to music with all the latest features without damaging your phone or devices.

The Spotify mod apk is the modern or updated app which serves various features with complete safety.

What are the features of Spotify mod apk?

  • CrackedSpotify Connect
  • Audio ads are blocked
  • Visual ads are blocked
  • Search for FWD button added for information bar/tablet mod
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Search for enabled
  • Select any song
  • Repeats enable
  • Extreme audio unlocked

How to install Spotify premium apk mod?

  • Initially clean uninstall then reboot your phone or device
  • It is better to use an OPERA VPN (you can search it on Play store) on your PC and login to your Spotify account by using website.
  • Now simply install mod Spotify Premium APK on device
  • Always use the same VPN country to sign in on your device
  • Now you are done, enjoy the app

In case you are having issues in installing Spotify premium mod, then it has to be rooted. There is only a way to get it to work, which is getting DRM bypass. However, It can be modified in the very old versions, such as way back to v4.x. If you are done with root now simply follow the mentioned steps below, which include:

  • Simply download and install Xposed framework you can skip this step if you already have this
  • Now install, download activate xprivacy lua Xposed module, make sure you download the latest version, otherwise it will be a waste of time
  • And then turn off the sensors and tracking for Spotify in its settings
  • Now, you are all done

Spotify Premium Beta Apk

As we mentioned above you will not get Spotify premium for free you will have to pay for premium version. There are two options if you want to get the Spotify premium version. The first one is to download and install the Spotify mod apk while the second option you have, is to install and download the Spotify premium beta apk version.

The beta version was not available on Google play store. All those who want to download the Spotify premium beta version on Android phones should download it from the third party or other websites. With this version, users will get more useful features than a premium app.


Spotify Premium Beta Apk vs. Spotify Apk


It is impossible to listen to unlimited tracks without any audio or video ads in normal Spotify version. But with this version users can listen to unlimited songs without audio, visual ads.  Users of normal Spotify version are allowed to download songs in a particular or less limit.


Whereas, with the premium beta version, users from all around the globe are allowed to download unlimited songs, podcast and music. Custom playlist or storage is another problem with normal Spotify version but thankfully there is no limit of storage with Premium Spotify version

How to install Spotify premium beta apk?


It is very easy to download the Spotify beta version apk, all you need to follow the mentioned below steps for downloading the app on android phones.

  • Simply download the Spotify Premium Beta APK
  • Then you need to go to downloads and click on the APK file now it will ask for permission
  • Then simply go to Settings then within Security and then click allow installations from the Third party
  • Now again click on the APK file then it will ask you to click next, simply click next to start the installation
  • Now you will need to wait for a couple of minutes and Spotify Premium beta will be successfully installed
  • After this, you will instantly get a notification that you have unlocked Spotify premium version successfully
  • Then simply log in via Facebook account
  • In case you received any login error then simply and steady uninstall the Facebook app and install the app again
  • This is done you have successfully unlocked the Spotify premium version


Features of Spotify Premium Beta

  • This version is entirely free from irritating audio or visual advertisement
  • With this app users can also bypass DRM
  • In this premium version, users will get unlimited skips
  • With this version, users will get the highest audio or video quality
  • In this Spotify premium version, users can unlock seeking and Shuffling
  • By using this version users can simply play any track and listen to the music or track offline
  • Users are allowed to play any song on any device at any time. wherever they want


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